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Gone With the Wind™

Romeo and Juliet. Anthony and Cleopatra. History is filled with couples bound together forever in the social mind because of their undeniable and storied relationships. As it was with these others…so it is with Rhett and Scarlett. Indeed, to me, there has been no greater romance ever chronicled than that of the dashing hero and strong-willed heroine of Gone With the Wind™. Perhaps it is the tragic backdrop of the Civil War that serves to enhance the emotional impact of this storied love affair. The ultimate triumph of the human spirit, so well displayed in the film’s masterful conclusion kindles the romantic within me…as it can within you.

In my painting, Gone With the Wind, I wanted to capture this central romance but also give a small taste of the gentile old south. Fragrant flowers and lush rolling hills surround Tara, the homestead of the O’Hara family, and serve as quiet sentinels to this way of life. My painting is populated with favorite film characters and rendered in small cinematic vignettes designed to capture all of the drama and nostalgia of this Hollywood spectacular. I truly hope this painting delights all fans of Gone With the Wind. Beyond this, I pray it reminds us all that true love does exist.

  • Gone With the Wind is Thomas Kinkade’s artistic rendition of the spectacular Hollywood film.
  • As a representation of the great romance between Rhett and Scarlett, Thom has hidden three of each of the following items into the image: hat shapes for Rhett Butler and ribbon shapes for Scarlett O’Hara.
  • Thom’s favorite characters from the film have made it into the image as well: Ashley Wilkes, Gerald O’Hara, Mammy, Melanie Hamilton Wilkes, Prissy, Rhett Butler and Scarlett O’Hara.
  • The city of Atlanta is represented in the far left distance. Thom has included Dr. Meade’s carriage as well as soldiers and drummers from the Confederate Army in the city to tie in film’s backdrop of the Civil War.
  • Thomas Kinkade artistically interpreted the Georgia countryside with lush green fields, beautiful flowers and of course, cotton fields.
  • Tara, the infamous house of the O’Hara family, is in the far right distance basking in the setting sun.
  • Thomas Kinkade captures the drama and nostalgia of Gone With the Wind™ with his Narrative Panorama style that showcases several moments of the film into one compelling scene.
Title Gone With the Wind™
Published December 2011
Subject Location Georgia, U.S.A.

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12″ x 18″
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