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Glory of Morning

I like to think that artists are a little different from most people. What I mean by that is we’re alive to the world around us, we take delight in things many people never notice. Delight – the word itself intrigues me because ‘light’ is such an important part of it. For me the quality of light as a delight! The play of light and shadow on a day dappled with clouds, the way sunlight teases nature’s colors into life – these are my great artistic challenges.

I painted Glory of Morning and Glory of Evening as a pair. Both explore the subtleties of transitional light, when the sky flames with a special radiance, when colors are heightened and shadows dance on the ground.

Twice each day nature puts on a light show of wonderful subtlety. Morning light is warm with the energy of a new day, yet the cool air is heavy with mist. My Glory of Morning sparkles with the light of just such a morning – warm light filtered through myriad tiny water drops until the colors glisten. You can see that light reflected on the flowers of a fabulous garden. Each color is so vibrant that the garden becomes a living rainbow. Flowers are alive to the quality of light – spend a day in a garden, watch it changes as the light changes, and you’ll see what I mean. Flowers, artists, and Kinkade collectors all delight to the glories of a lovely morning.

  • In an ongoing tribute to his wife Nanette, Thomas Kinkade has hidden two N’s in Glory of Morning.
  • Glory of Morning is the first painting in Thom’s newest series – the Moments of Glory Collection.
  • Thom’s Glory of Morning is sold as a pair with Glory of Evening – this duo of paintings were awarded the Collector Editions Award for Excellence in 1993.
  • The set Glory of Morning and Glory of Evening is the only time that Thom has ever painted a duet piece with a cottage at dawn and a cottage at dusk.
Title Glory of Morning
Published February 1993
Collection Moments of Glory I

Image Size

9" x 12"

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