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The Garden of Hope

Hope is the great gift of a loving God. For people of faith, hope is symbolized in the dawning of each day – the assurance that God’s love is new every morning. Hope lights our spirit in the midst of despair; it is the life force that “through the green stem drives the flower;” it keeps a divine vision alive in the hearts of the weak and needy.

In The Garden of Hope – second in my Gardens of Light Collection – I celebrate the bountiful blessing that is a hopeful spirit. Radiance bathes a garden in the woods, pouring down in a flood of light upon an ancient stone urn that is a vessel of hope.

The deeply mysterious relationship between hope and sacrifice is expressed in the symbolism of the urn. Central is the Roman cross, bearing the inscription “INRI” – Latin for Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews – which was carved above the original cross by Pilate. On the left arm of the cross is the serene visage of Mary, mother of God, and on the right is Jesus Himself, in His gentle countenance, conferring His blessing on the garden and its visitors.

A magnificent spray of flowers bursts forth from the urn. Surely, The Garden of Hope is a garden lavish with new beginnings.

  • There are five N’s in The Garden of Hope, as Thomas Kinkade continues his loving tribute to his wife Nanette.
  • The Garden of Hope is the first image to be released in 2005, and is the second image in the series Gardens of Light.
  • In the center of this painting, the stately urn features the visage of Christ, as well as a Roman cross, and opposite is the Virgin Mary.
  • The garden depicted in The Garden of Hope symbolizes the beauty and blessing of hope – growing and flourishing in the light of God.
Title The Garden of Hope
Published January 2005
Collection The Gardens of Light II

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