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Garden of Grace

“Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound…”

How sweet, too, are the sights that await us in the Garden of Grace. And the scents. When I ponder the meaning of grace – of God’s abundant love that washes us clean – I search for sensory equivalents to the rapturous experience that the faithful are privileged to know. I think of a melodious harmony of bird song, of the heady perfume of flowers wafted on the breeze. Above all, I imagine a glorious light that pours through the foliage, clothing the trees and shrubs in its resplendent radiance.

Garden of Grace is the first in my Gardens of Light Series, my evocation of this primal garden which in some sense, harkens back to Eden – but is available to all of us, today, through God’s loving sacrifice. In Garden of Grace, I’ve created an atmosphere of utter, resplendent luminosity. The golden glow of God’s light touches the leaves and flowers with splendor. The effect is thrilling.

What can lie beyond the aged, wrought iron gate that opens into the Garden of Grace? Surely, abundant blessings and God’s tender mercies await those who are privileged to receive┬áthe gift of grace, just as sublime beauty awaits those of you who bring my Gardens of Light into your homes.

  • In Garden of Grace, Thomas Kinkade has hidden a total of five N’s in tribute to his wife Nanette.
  • Garden of Grace is the first painting in a new series called The Gardens of Light – a collection which will celebrate the light of Heaven in all its splendor.
  • Thom’s inspiration for Garden of Grace was the message of grace that we all celebrate, a message needed especially today. All of us face challenges at times, but it’s comforting to know God’s hand is always there to protect us and that His grace is always there to encourage us with love when we need it most.
  • Garden of Grace is overflowing with light, goodness, and all the colors of nature illustrating how the blessing of abundance is there for all of us.
  • The profound effect of light in Garden of Grace was created using a layering technique, where increasingly bright colors were applied on top of each other in many layers. As a result, the painting becomes especially radiant in low light.
Title Garden of Grace
Published February 2004
Collection The Gardens of Light

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