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Foxglove Cottage

An artist has a duty to follow his muse – even when it leads us down unexpected or inconvenient paths. I live by that rule, and sometimes I’m rewarded with a lovely treasure like Foxglove Cottage newest in my Flower Cottages of Carmel Collection.

Not long ago I was exploring romantic Carmel – one of my favorite adventures – paints and easel in hand, when it began to rain. I hurried to shelter but instead stumbled on the rustic stone cottage with its weathered wood slat fence that is the subject of this painting. I was intrigued by the birds flocking on its roof, the effects of the misty morning light, and in my mind envisioned graceful foxgloves growing abundantly around it.

I set up my easel, shielded the canvas with my umbrella, and set to work. A soggy hour and a half later, I had enough to repair to my studio and finish Foxglove Cottage. The elegant foxglove flower – delicate, colorful bells on slender stems – suggests for me the special magic of Carmel. I can’t wait to return to my favorite haunt to seek out my next Flower Cottage.

  • Thomas Kinkade has hidden five N’s in Foxglove Cottage as a tribute to his lovely wife, Nanette.
  • While wandering through his favorite town of Carmel off Scenic Road, Thom stumbled upon this quaint cottage and sketched it out on canvas. Adding much to it from his own imagination, Thom actually completed the painting in his studio.
  • Foxglove Cottage is the third painting in Thom’s very popular Flower Cottages of Carmel Collection, which celebrates the beauty of this quaint costal village.
  • Nestled in among the blooming flowers you can see a perfectly content cat, sitting on the fence with nothing to worry about but the unruffled birds on the roof – so is the way of life in this tranquil, seaside village and the reason it has become a favorite place of so many.
  • Thom embellished the cottage and landscape featured in Foxglove Cottage, as it has fallen to pieces over the years.
Title Foxglove Cottage
Published April 1999
Subject Location Carmel, California
Collection Flower Cottages of Carmel III

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