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End of a Perfect Day III

God may very well be ‘in the details…’ that’s why I’m so fond of intimate, intricate settings in my art. But His grandeur is assuredly to be found in heroic vistas that blend rock, water, and sky in glorious harmony.

End of a Perfect Day III, the third and final painting in my End of a Perfect Day collection, celebrates the majesty of God’s creation in a panoramic 24″ x 36″ canvas size image. The size is crucial to the effect: I particularly want to embrace nature’s rich diversity here.

Wilderness invites exploration, and I hope that End of a Perfect Day III does the same. The canoe is our vehicle of choice; the mountain waterways lead to hidden worlds of wonder. A lovely stream in the distance invites us to explore or fish; trails wind up and away to valleys and vistas we can only imagine. Nature seems to surround us. Look closely…is that a deer making its cautious approach to the cabin?

Overall this grandeur looms the majesty of Heaven, radiant with light. In the drama of sunset, the woodsman/explorer returns to his own small world; a cozy stone cabin warmed by a hearth fire and the promise of comfort at day’s end.

  • Thomas Kinkade has hidden 5 N’s in End of a Perfect Day III as a tribute to his wife Nanette.
  • Thom also painted the canoe in End of a Perfect Day III with “N5282” – the ‘N’ for Nanette, and the ‘5282’ for their wedding date.
  • Because of the grandness and beauty of the mountains, objects are often overlooked in End of a Perfect Day III. Some objects include the deer on the left of the canvas, mallard ducks in the pond, the American flag attached to the porch, and the dogs on the dock.
  • The National Association of Limited Edition Dealers (NALED) named this painting Graphic/Lithograph of the Year in 1995.
Title End of a Perfect Day III
Published February 1995
Collection End of a Perfect Day III

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24" x 36"

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