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Disneyland 60th Anniversary

When Thom and I were growing up there was not a year that went by that our father did not spirit us away from the little town we lived in to go and visit the “Happiest Place on Earth”-  Disneyland. Dad truly loved the magic kingdom and retained a childlike wonderment at the thought of going to the park. He even kept a Disney map in his car’s glove box to be used, I suppose, if he ever became lost in his general travels and unintentionally ended up on “Mister Toad’s™ Wild Ride”.

Over the decades since that time and the creation of those memories neither Thom nor I lost our enthusiasm for Disneyland or the singularly wonderful adventures it offers. It is equally certain that most of those once smitten with their time under the spell cast by “Walt’s™ Imagineers” never lose their desire to return. As Disneyland celebrates its sixtieth anniversary, it is with great pride and lightness of heart that we at the Thomas Kinkade Studios celebrate the park’s history and the anniversary of Walt Disney’s monumental achievement in art and entertainment.

With each passing year Disneyland renews itself and inspires new generations of “Mouseketeers” all with their own treasured family memories. Join us, as we all once again walk down Main Street U.S.A.® listening to the joyful harmonies to the “Dapper Dans” and anticipating a visit to the Sleeping Beauty Castle, the symbolic heart of this magic kingdom. Once there, it will be on to Fantasyland® and all that Walt Disney envisioned and which now lies beyond. Watch out for my father; he may be still be laughingly lost on “Mister Toad” and heading for his own explosive way out! We joyfully congratulate all of the dreamers who have made Disneyland a reality for these last sixty years and I sincerely thank you and all those who still have a child inside their heart for sharing the light.

~ Patrick Kinkade

  • Disneyland first opened to the public on July 17, 1955. This year, 2015, celebrates the park’s sixtieth anniversary.
  • Thomas Kinkade began his partnership with Disney ten years go with his Disneyland 50th Anniversary painting.
  • Thom and his brother Patrick took yearly trips to Disneyland with their father. Thom’s love and passion for Disney grew from these memorable family visits.
  • This look down Main Street USA includes many iconic landmarks, such as the Emporium, the Penny Arcade, the Magic Shop and the tobacco ship with it’s Indian statue.
  • The Disneyland 60th Anniversary painting includes both the Dapper Dans and the Mayor of Main Street. The former group can be seen next to the trolley with the latter following behind. The Dapper Dans barber shop quartet have performed on Main Street USA since 1959.
  • In the painting, Main Street Cinema is playing Steamboat Willie – which is one of Disney’s first animated short films. The Fantasyland Carousel can also be seen through the gates of the Sleeping Beauty Castle.
Title Disneyland 60th Anniversary
Published September 2015
Subject Location Sleeping Beauty Castle in Anaheim, California
Classification Thomas Kinkade Studios

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