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Country Christmas Homecoming

There is no happier Christmas tradition than the selection of the family Yuletide tree. Growing up, this was a much anticipated and special event for Thom and me – one that often resulted in a small, lopsided pine being placed in our home’s living room. But, regardless of their symmetry and height, there were no trees that were ever more loved than those my family brought home after having chopped them down with the small hatchet we would use.

In Country Christmas Homecoming, we see a family returning from just such an endeavor – but with a larger result. A friendly snowman looks on smiling as the father and daughter drag their new found holiday greenery toward their warm and glowing cottage. The mother is waiting with open arms and ready to help move the beautiful “seven footer” into place in the family’s front room. All anticipate a night of hanging ornaments and draping tinsel on what will be the centerpiece of all the winter holidays.

Thom was known as the unofficial artist of Christmas, and this latest masterwork certainly speaks to that legacy in art. Join all of us at the Thomas Kinkade Company as we enjoy the bounty of the season and hold out hope for a wonderful New Year. God bless you all and thank you for sharing the light.

~Patrick Kinkade

  • Country Christmas Homecoming was inspired by Thomas Kinkade’s and his brother Patrick’s childhood Christmas traditions – specifically choosing and putting up the family Christmas tree.
  • The Kinkade family enjoyed choosing a tree each Christmas for their Sierra Nevada cabin home. Like many families, Thom and his daughters would bring their tree home to decorate while enjoying a hot cup of cocoa.
  • Christmas was Thom’s favorite holiday – and capturing traditions of the season brought him great joy.
Title Country Christmas Homecoming
Published November 2015
Classification Thomas Kinkade Studios

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