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Cobblestone Mill

In my favorite part of England – the Cotswolds – men express confidence that their communities will endure by raising structures of stone that are designated to stand proudly for many centuries. This Cobblestone Mill is a symbol of the natural abundance that justifies such confidence. This mill wheel will turn for as long as the stream that powers it will flow, grinding the flour that sustains a simple, satisfying village life.

The mill is the heart of its rural community, and more than that, is an expression of the bounty of nature that blesses this village – for it is constructed from blocks of stone quarried in the streambed itself. The plenty symbolized by the mill truly flows from nature itself. The mill stands alone, yet it is enlivened by a dazzling play of light and share that falls on it from the flowering woods that embrace its solitude.

Its dignity is not diminished, but is instead, enhanced by the dance of color that so delights the eye. We are reminded that beauty – and all else that is good – is a gift of light, bestowed by the sun which also grows the grain that will be ground in this millstone. Cobblestone Mill also reminds us that all blessings flow timelessly from the hand of God.

  • In Cobblestone Mill, Thomas Kinkade has hidden a total of five N’s as an ongoing tribute to his wife of twenty years,┬áNanette.
  • Cobblestone Mill marks the fifth painting release in Thom’s Cobblestone Lane Collection – a collection which includes Cobblestone Lane I, Cobblestone Brooke, Cobblestone Village, and Cobblestone Bridge.
  • Cobblestone Mill is inspired by England’s countryside: the farms, villages, and fields. Though the painting is imaginary, the mill in the image is based on a mill Thom saw during one of his ramblings in the district of Hampshire, England.
  • Cobblestone Mill celebrates the blessing of God’s abundance, as the mill symbolizes the foundation, life, and heart of a community blessed by nature.
Title Cobblestone Mill
Published October 2002
Subject Location Cotswolds in the Hampshire Region, Southwest England
Collection Cobblestone Lane V

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