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Cobblestone Lane I

It’s not quite true that the whole world has been mapped and explored. Artists know that there are worlds within, and they reward the explorer as much as the great world without. Through series like my well-known Lamplight Lane Collection, I’ve been exploring my own imaginative world. Where the mapmakers brought compass and sextant, I bring paint and canvas to record my discoveries.

I’ve found that there are many quaint pathways in my mind, leading me to pleasing vistas. Cobblestone Lane I, the newest of the country lanes that I intend to follow in a series, wends its way through a rustic village. The very unevenness of the cobbled path adds a sense of adventure that awakens all our senses – we hear birdsong, feel the bracing mist of morning, pluck a ripe apple to savor its sweet juice, smell the mingled scents, enjoy the play of sunlight and shade.

Cobblestone Lane I is lined with comfortable cottages that greet us like a procession of wise old friends; the stone tower of a Gothic church rises in the distance. The ancient cross at the heart of the village points out new destinations on Cobblestone Lane I.

  • In his continued loving tribute to his wife Nanette, Thomas Kinkade has hidden seven N’s in Cobblestone Lane I.
  • With Cobblestone Lane I, Thom begins a journey through an old English country hamlet. We start near the center point of the village, marked by the old stone cross and find ourselves surrounded by thatched roof cottages and their vibrant English floral gardens.
  • English scenes are one of Thomas Kinkade’s most popular subjects and are anxiously awaited by collectors. Cobblestone Lane I is the quintessential English village.
  • The color palette of Cobblestone Lane I will bring the warmth of an English country garden into the home of the collector and is sure to work with any décor.
Title Cobblestone Lane I
Published October 1996
Subject Location England
Collection Cobblestone Lane I

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24" x 30"

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