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Cobblestone Christmas

You made this ancient stone bridge an artistic monument that I must revisit. When I issued Cobblestone Bridge some years ago, this celebration of life in the Hampshire region of England quickly became the best loved of all my village scenes.

As I considered subjects for a Christmas painting this year, my thoughts turned to the familiar charms of village life southwestern England, I decided to return to the scene of my former inspiration. Not, this time, on a ramble with Nanette through the snowy English fields, but simply through the powers of mind and imagination. I know this stately old bridge well enough to conjure it and its environs when it wears a mantle of white and bears the wreaths of Christmas.

Cobblestone Christmas features a bridge spanning a free-flowing brook, a church, a comfortable inn – all constructed with flat stones that abound in the fields. The thatched roofs, built up from bundles of reeds, are crowned with snow; many are also framed by strings of twinkling lights.

Light spills from the windows of every home and suffuses into the crisp winter air, where it mingles with the incandescent fires of the setting sun. God and man have truly collaborated in a celebration of the season.

  • Five N’s are hidden within Cobblestone Christmas as an ever-present tribute to Thomas Kinkade’s beloved wife Nanette.
  • Cobblestone Lane I, the best loved of all Thom’s village scenes, begets yet another delightful image in Cobblestone Christmas as the sixth painting in the series.
  • Wintertime and the holidays always turn our thoughts toward home, God, and family. Cobblestone Christmas evokes these emotions in a glorious tribute to the collaboration of God and man in combined celebration of this favorite season.
  • In Cobblestone Christmas we rediscover Cobblestone Bridge, the quaint English village inspired by an afternoon ramble in southwestern England. Robed in winter splendor, Cobblestone Christmas returns to this beloved location of reality and dreams.
  • The stately bridge reminds us of those who travel during the holidays, coming home, joining family. The comfortable inn and homes with lights in the windows to welcome us, and the church in the distance, give a gentle reminder of the meaning of the season. A village brimming in celebration of the holiday!
Title Cobblestone Christmas
Published July 2004
Subject Location Hampshire Region, Southwest England
Collection Cobblestone Lane VI

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