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Cobblestone Bridge

When Nanette and I travel to England it’s as if we’re visiting an old friend with many faces, all of them friendly. Recently we were able to get away, just the two of us, to explore a corner of the isles we had never visited before: the Hampshire region in southwest England. It’s not often visited by tourists and those who do venture south, often do so via what the English call rambling – strapping on a pack, lacing up your boots, and hiking.

Nanette and I are natural born ramblers and we’ve been doing it for years, so we were delighted to get to know Hampshire this way. The region is laced with chalk-bottomed streams that overflow with plump brook trout and each bend along the river reveals another timeless village. The flint stones that create the quaint Hampshire cottages and lanes are gathered from the rocky fields that line the valleys.

In my imagination, Cobblestone Bridge is one of those delightful villages discovered on our recent rambles. The scene is filled with glowing sunsets, lamp lit warmth, and the inner yearnings of my heart.

The stately old bridge is overgrown with climbing wisteria. The thatched roofs are built up from bundles of locally grown reeds. In the world of Cobblestone Bridge, man and nature come together in a celebration of the glory of being alive. I thank God for the chance to have entered, if only for a week or two, into such scenes of perfect harmony.

  • In his continued loving tribute to his wife Nanette, Thomas Kinkade┬áhas hidden fifteen N’s in Cobblestone Bridge.
  • The inspiration for Cobblestone Bridge came from a delightful hike that Thom and Nanette took while visiting the beautiful Hampshire region in southwest England.
  • Cobblestone Bridge is the fourth piece in Thom’s popular collection Cobblestone Lane. This charming English village shares a comforting warmth and peace that the other pieces in the collection also beautifully illustrate.
  • With a hand-made bridge overgrown with climbing wisteria and a weeping willow providing shade for a quaint cottage, Cobblestone Bridge is a beautiful illustration of a world where both man and nature come together in perfect harmony.
Title Cobblestone Bridge
Published October 2000
Subject Location Hampshire Region, Southwest England
Collection Cobblestone Lane IV

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