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Clock Strikes Midnight

The story of Cinderella is a timeless and universal tale of romance and self-discovery. It explores the importance of inner beauty in the assessment of personal worth and proclaims the power of true love to overcome all obstacles no matter how large and daunting they may seem. The folklore of the hidden princess magically discovered by her true prince has been told for hundreds of years in countries throughout the world as geographically and culturally diverse as Malaysia and Germany. The beauty of the fable and the importance of its message have also made it a constant in the list of favorite stories told and enjoyed by those spinning yarns in our own country. To be sure, Thom loved the original Cinderella as much as any and would speak of it fondly when reminiscing of story-times spent with his own beautiful daughters. Their laughter and delight at his telling would shine in his own eyes as he reveled in their obvious enchantment.

We at the Thomas Kinkade Studios are excited to continue in this storytelling tradition, bringing to life the latest Disney retelling of this classic story in the form of four paintings; each capturing in oil the joy of first love, the wonderment of fairy magic and the excitement of romantic adventure. Whether you are enjoying the encounter with the dashing stranger in the woods, the depiction of Cinderella’s enchanted transformation, her flight from discovery at the King’s ball or her time in love with the prince of her dreams, all of these masterworks in color and light will dazzle your eye and speak to your heart. It is our hope that this latest interpretation of Cinderella be a gift not only to all “princesses” but also to all those who love them.

  • Clock Strikes Midnight is the main piece in a set of four paintings. It features Cinderella’s flight from discovery at the King’s ball.
  • The four images in the Cinderella ensemble are inspired by Disney’s live-action interpretation of the classic fairytale and capture key moments from the new film.
  • Cinderella’s mantra throughout the film is to “have courage and be kind.” By living these words, and with the help of a little magic, her dreams come true.
  • The original story of Cinderella came from a European folk tale. It has been adapted into many written versions including the popular Brothers Grimm fairy tale, and filmed versions including Disney’s original animated feature released in 1950.
  • Thomas Kinkade’s original Cinderella Wishes Upon a Dream painting was inspired by Disney’s classic animated film and is one of his most popular Disney paintings. It is sold out in most editions and sizes at the publisher.
Title Cinderella, Clock Strikes Midnight
Published April 2015
Collection Disney Collection
Classification Thomas Kinkade Studios

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