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Capitola Village

An artist strives for the ability to see familiar places as if for the first time. Capitola Village is a famous destination for an afternoon drive. I have friends there that Nanette and I dine with in this charming California coastal village – which is as familiar as my backyard; I’ve even painted it many times.

Imagine my surprise then, when I ventured onto the cliffs above Capitola to be greeted by a dazzling new vista. In the afternoon light, the buildings seemed to glisten like the Emerald City of Oz. I returned the following week and set up my easel at this precise spot. The long wooden pier divides the ocean into gemstone color swaths – emerald and turquoise. Pinks and blues shimmer in the town; the cliffs and beach are painted rose by the setting sun. I was truly seeing Capitola Village as if for the first time.


  • Capitola is a city located in Santa Cruz County, California on the coast of Monterey Bay. Steep cliffs mark access to several popular beaches – including New Brighton Beach – or drop directly to the rocky shoreline of the Bay. Colorful houses and hotels line the slopes of the town leading back up to the higher cliff tops.
  • Capitola is a popular tourist town because of its trendy shops and restaurants on the shore directly connecting to a fishing wharf and a large, sandy beach. The area of Aptos – to the east – and the city of Santa Cruz – to the west – border Capitola.
  • Founded as Camp Capitola by Samuel A. Hall in 1874, Capitola was named for the heroine of The Hidden Hand – a novel by the popular author E.D.E.N. Southworth, favored by Hall’s daughter Lulu.
  • Capitola is known as the oldest beach resort on the West Coast. It is a quintessential beach town known for its laid-back lifestyle, skateboarding, and surfing. From the mid 1970’s to the mid 1980’s Capitola Village was well known for its annual downhill race The Capitola Classic – a skateboarding event that drew world class skaters and made its name in skateboarding history.
Title Capitola Village
Published October 2007
Subject Location Pier in Capitola, California
Classification Impressionistic

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