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Carmel, Sunset on Ocean Avenue

Ten years ago I painted Carmel, Ocean Avenue on a Rainy Afternoon, and from the day I finished it, I dreamed of working on a second view of the famous scene. Carmel, Sunset on Ocean Avenue is that long awaited painting! Like the first piece, this painting is overflowing with the kind of details I love to paint: the old mission bell in its stone portico, the stately Monterey pines that shroud the avenue, and the bustling people – even a dog or two! – that are so much a part of the ambiance of Carmel.

My two older girls peer out of a vintage blue convertible while my two younger daughters make their way across the street, any my wife Nanette pauses beside her bicycle to watch an artist at work – guess who posed for the artist! Even Clint Eastwood had to make an appearance in Carmel, Sunset on Ocean Avenue in order to properly give Carmel’s mayor – at one time – his dues!

My romantic vision of Carmel is also enlivened by many vintage cars and the charming buildings of the seaside town – the lights of which reflect, jewel-like, in streets moistened by the passing of ocean mists. And, of course, a luminous sunset bathes the entire scene in a warm glow, as though a tranquil moment has been frozen in time.

  • Thomas Kinkade has hidden twelve N’s in Carmel, Sunset on Ocean Avenue, as a tribute to his lovely wife Nanette.
  • Thom was sure to include in this painting every member of his immediate family. Nanette can be seen in two locations – watching Thom paint and walking Winsor and Everett across the street. We also see Chandler and Merritt peeking out of the back of a vintage convertible.
  • To include the very best of Carmel, Thom has taken the liberty of slightly skewing some of the landscape in Carmel, Sunset on Ocean Avenue so that the viewer can enjoy both the quaint town and the beautiful sunset over the ocean.
  • Clint Eastwood makes an appearance in this image, bearing pink roses to give some lucky┬álady as for a while, he was mayor of this quaint little town.
  • After completing his first Carmel painting, Carmel, Ocean Avenue on a Rainy Afternoon, Thom immediately began to create this painting. Ten years in the making, he proudly presents Carmel, Sunset on Ocean Avenue.
  • Thom has turned back the clock and brought us back to a simpler day in Carmel, Sunset on Ocean Avenue. Complete with vintage automobiles and bicycles, the relaxed, friendly townspeople seem to slowly stroll through this misty, classic town without a care in the world. Perhaps some of the townspeople will take a break from the rain to duck into the Thomas Kinkade Gallery that Thom has included in this painting.
Title Carmel, Sunset on Ocean Avenue
Published February 1999
Subject Location Carmel, California

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