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Bridge of Faith

“A crumbling bridge, this Bridge of Faith, and often without strength.

But look below, and then you’ll know, the Rock that lies beneath” ~ Thomas Kinkade

For me, the world is enriched by images of faith. In the Garden of Promise Collection, I look deep into myself for those moments of revelation, of joyous acceptance, that comprise our common spiritual experience. Then I look out into the world to find visual images that reflect the truths of my walk with God. Bridge of Faith speaks to those moments of tribulation, when we reach the end of our rope and know that our personal resources won’t see us through the crisis. At such times, I rely on my faith and find that God truly is my shield and salvation.

As the Painter of Light, is has been my personal goal that each of my paintings become a tool to communicate a message that represents hope, joy, peace, and tranquility. The Bridge of Faith is old and worn, but it is built of stone and it rests on a massive, unshakable rock. It crosses a stream fragrant with flowers; on our side the world is shrouded in shadow, but in the distance there shines a heavenly light. Here I hope to convey the sense of how marvelous nature can be, when the radiant light of God casts its warm glow – His “Heavenly Light” –  how crossing one worn stone bridge can transport us from darkness to God’s radiant light that lies ahead.

I believe that the cross of Jesus was made from dogwood, and so I symbolize God’s love for us in the pink dogwood tree and symbolize God’s hope and promise of Heaven in the white dogwood tree found in Bridge of Faith. The bridge leads us across a stream of living water and from darkness to light with a shaky handrail to guide, but you will find it is a very sturdy bridge if you keep your eyes on “God’s Heavenly Light,” as it will lead you around the bend and all the way back Home.

  • Thomas Kinkade has hidden seven N’s in Bridge of Faith in traditional loving tribute to his wife Nanette, and as a tribute to God’s seven days of creation. Thom even signed the painting in red for the blood of Jesus Christ.
  • Bridge of Faith is the third and final image in Thom’s beloved Garden of Promise Collection. The first painting Garden of Promise was originally released in 1993 and is completely sold out at publisher. Petals of Hope followed in 1995 and is also completely sold out at publisher.
  • Bridge of Faith has a grandiose 25½” x 34″ image size so that this beautiful image will surely make a dramatic statement in any room; it’s vibrant floral and radiant streams of sunlight will fill collectors old and new with peace and serenity.
  • Like no other series, the Garden of Promise Collection has been a tribute to personal loss and triumph in Thom’s life. The series ahs stood as reflection of Thom’s strong feelings of faith and personal journey. Bridge of Faith is the last image in this series and is the perfect example of a world that Thom would like to share with his collectors – a world that represents joy and hope, peace and tranquility.
  • In 1998 Thom received some letters from Stanford Hospital, reporting healings connected to the Bridge of Faith! Letters from the doctors, not the patients!
  • Thom and his family had visited Guatemala in 1999, and saw first-hand the poverty and hardships that the impoverish of this country were enduring. In response, Thom and Nanette partnered with World Vision to help those in need. Thom’s Bridge of Faith was sold as an open edition to help this cause, and through these efforts 85,000 children were given aid and a Medical Clinic (Holistic Center) was established – which supports forty communities and brings medical benefits to over 43,000 people.
  • In the year 2000, Thom gave the original Bridge of Faith to the children of World Vision Ministries, where the painting and was auctioned for more than $500,000. The proceeds went to schools to give each child a trade – like farming, teaching, or bee-keeping.
  • Bridge of Faith was named Lithograph of the Year, Second Runner Up in 1997.
Title Bridge of Faith
Published February 1997
Collection Garden of Promise III

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25½" x 34"

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