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Block Island

Block Island is a study of resolute courage and dignity. The house stands alone, severe, crisp of line. It supports the proud light tower. A single antique auto stands in its fenced yard; a solitary figure, back turned to the viewer, strides toward the comfort and consolation that the house offers.

The sea has eroded the rocky coast; in centuries to come, the house itself will surely fall before the waters inexorable advance. A solitary ship sets out on its voyage to an unknowable destination, led away from danger by the stoic resident of Block Island.

I love lighthouses. The severe, uncompromising life of service led by lonely lighthouse keepers possesses a special dignity. Poised between the last outcroppings of land and the vast expanse of ocean, the lighthouse has become a profound symbol of human life – poised as it is between the transitory and the eternal.

  • Block Island is the only painting in the Archive Collection to feature the sea – a favorite subject of Thomas Kinkade’s.
  • This early lighthouse painting paved the way for Thom’s very popular and more recent┬ástudio releases like Seaside Memories Collection, all of which feature lighthouses.
  • Block Island is one of Thom’s earliest paintings and is his only painting ever to feature an island other than the famed Catalina Island of Southern California.
  • The lighthouse depicted in Block Island is called “Southeast,” and it was built in 1873.
  • Much like the stoic lighthouse featured in this painting, the lives of those who run lighthouses can often be lonely and solitary.
  • Lighthouses are looked upon a great sentries of the sea who shine out a beacon of hope to weary ships – this feeling of hope is a theme that Thom means to convey in all of his paintings.
Title Block Island
Published October 1988
Subject Location Block Island in New Shoreham, Rhode Island
Collection Archive Collection

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