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Beyond Summer Gate

“The house was quiet and the world was calm.” ~ Wallace Stevens

This grand English country house resonates with the splendid solitude of its sylvan setting. It is just such as center of tranquility as the poet imagines: the quiet heart of a calm world. The harmony between man and nature, between the human and the devine, is mirrored in a scene such as the one I portray in Beyond Summer Gate. This house, with its lavish flower garden, is somehow beyond time. It whispers of eternal.

Summer is the season of color. The full range of nature’s rainbow hues are on display in this floral paradise. Indeed, I’ve taken some liberties in Beyond Summer Gate. I’ve compressed the season, allowing the early-flowering dogwood and the late blooming azalea to display their brilliant blossoms together. Here you’ll find climbing roses, bluebells, foxgloves, and fruit trees all in full flower as they never are in nature. The artist, after all, is entitled to a certain license – so long as it is in the service of beauty.

The Summer Gate of my first painting is just beyond our view down the winding path, but the manor house is made of the same weathered stone; it too, will endure. The tranquility of evening has settled on this country manor, inviting us to stroll the grounds before we settle in for some tea and talk. I hope you will join me.

  • Thomas Kinkade has hidden three N’s in Beyond Summer Gate as a loving tribute to his wife Nanette.
  • Beyond Summer Gate is the third piece in Thom’s seasonal gate series following the Autumn Gate Collection and theĀ Spring Gate Collection. Preceding Beyond Summer Gate in Thom’s Summer Gate Collection are Summer Gate and The Open Gate.
  • In Summer Gate, we were given a glimpse of this majestic manor house off in the distance with the promise of a visit to it in the future. Perhaps next we will journey further down this same path to explore more of the mysteries of Beyond Summer Gate.
  • Beyond Summer Gate is the only manor house Thom has painted for the year 2001, and he feels that it is his best manor house painting yet. He enjoys the way the grand country manor perfectly intertwines with its surrounding landscape, creating a sense of peace and harmony.
  • In Beyond Summer Gate, a variety of trees and flowers bloom in abundance, flooding the canvas in the colors of summer.
Title Beyond Summer Gate
Published November 2001
Subject Location England
Collection Summer Gate III

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