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Beyond Autumn Gate

There are places that touch you so profoundly, they become a part of your personal, imaginative geography. Some years ago in my travels through the English Cotswolds, I found a wonderful old stone gate – simple and evocative, mysterious and inviting – that inspired my celebrated painting The Autumn Gate. When I first came upon it, I knew that I must paint it.

While I painted The Autumn Gate from memory I’m my California studio, I became obsessed with knowing what lay beyond. Nanette and I had to return to England and make a pilgrimage to that ancient gate in order to discover what lay beyond the stately, ivy draped stone manor house I celebrate here in Beyond Autumn Gate. Here is the perfect companion painting to The Autumn Gate, and a splendid evocation of how gracious, courtly, and distinguished it must be to live as “Lord of the English Manor.” In my daydreams, I often return to this favorite spot of mine.

  • In an going tribute to his wife Nanette, Thomas Kinkade has hidden three N’s in Beyond Autumn Gate, Morning at Ivycrest Manor.
  • Beyond Autumn Gate is the second painting in Thom’s series The Autumn Gate Collection, based on sights Thom and Nanette witnessed on their trips to England.
  • Beyond Autumn Gate was named Lithograph of the Year, Second Runner Up in 1994.
  • Beyond Autumn Gate is what lies beyond the path we see in The Autumn Gate the first painting in Thom’s The Autumn Gate Series.
  • Beyond Autumn Gate was featured on a magazine cover of U.S. Art in 1991, which signified a huge milestone in Thom’s career. The Kinkade family still owns the original, where it hangs proudly above their mantle.
Title Beyond Autumn Gate, Morning at Ivycrest Manor
Published June 1993
Subject Location Cotswold, England
Collection Autumn Gate II

Image Size

24" x 30"

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