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Autumn on Mackinac Island

Life is filled with quiet surprises. One such delight can be found in an autumn weekend on Mackinac Island – that charming retreat from modern living nestled in the sparkling waters between Lake Michigan and Huron. The only way to reach Mackinac Island is aboard a ferry, and once you’ve arrived, the only modes of transport are walking, bicycles, and romantic horse-drawn carriages. No automobiles or motorcycles disturb the enchanting timelessness.

In autumn, crisp beds of red geraniums highlight the lush greenery, while the heady aroma of chocolate fudge blankets the island. The array of charming Victorian homes and hotels are crowned by the magnificent Grand Hotel and transports us into centuries past. The nostalgic mood is further underscored by musket fire echoing from the restored Fort Mackinac.

In Autumn on Mackinac Island, carriages clatter down the enchanting lane while bicycles weave languidly to and fro. Nan’s Fudge Shop – a tribute to my wife’s famous fudge recipe – invites us to sample the island’s chief product, while the Grand Hotel peeks proudly from behind the autumn foliage of the trees at the left of the lane. The steeple of the famous Little Stone Church rises above the trees at the right of the composition and geraniums festoon the town with patches of red. Now, with Autumn on Mackinac Island, you can enjoy the season of plenty in this charming and nostalgic haven all year ’round.

  • There are seven hidden N’s in Autumn on Mackinac Island in honor of Nanette, Thomas Kinkade’s lovely wife. He has also named the fudge shop “Nan’s” as part of the tribute to her that appears in his paintings.
  • Visitors will notice the absence of all automobiles on Mackinac Island! Thom has included two horse-drawn carriages in this paining Autumn on Mackinac Island, as recognition of this charming tradition.
  • The flag flying from the porch of the hotel in the distance is the tiniest Thom has ever painted. Take a look at those microscopic red stripes in the body of the flag – he had to use a magnifying glass to paint them!
  • Thom has included some whimsical details in this beautiful rendering of Mackinac Island – a fluffy dog chasing the horse-drawn carriage and a cat about to saunter across the lane.
  • Just off the coast of Michigan, Mackinac Island has been a favorite vacation destination since the Victorian era, with the opening of the famed Grand Hotel in 1887. The Grand, seen in the distance, may be familiar to many as the setting of the film Somewhere in Time.
Title Autumn on Mackinac Island
Published December 2005
Subject Location Mackinac Island, Michigan

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