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A Prayer for Peace

I believe that each of us carries the gift of God’s inner peace in our hearts. And yet, my newest work A Prayer for Peace, is a poignant reminder that peace in our world is always possible for those who believe and pray.

This painting, which re-interprets a classic DorĂ© Bible illustration, uses all the resources – human and divine – I could bring to infuse with peace the ancient walled city of Jerusalem. The dramatic figure of a prophet occupies the rocky heights above the city. To my mind, he is a Christ figure, but I have treated him with a deep spirituality that could well be embraced by people of other beliefs. Illuminated by a radiant moon, this holy person prays with all the fervor of his faith, that the warm glow of moonlight can wrap the walled city in a spiritual blanket of serenity.

The hope that pervades A Prayer for Peace is a profound reminder that through fervent prayer each of us might find peace – for our soul first and perhaps for our world as well.

  • A Prayer for Peace was painted to commemorate the From Abraham to Jesus Exhibit – the largest touring exhibit of sacred text and artifacts in history. For the first time ever, millions of people will have an opportunity to be part of an unforgettable cultural and inspirational experience. An opportunity to see the Holy Land and journey through history from the days of Abraham to the days of Jesus and hundreds of sacred artifacts from thousands of years ago.
  • A Prayer for Peace is one of ten images in the Impressions of Israel Collection.
  • Thomas Kinkade visited the Holy Land in 2006, where he spent much of his time painting in order to capture the emotion and vibrancy of this land. The culmination of this trip may be found in this studio masterwork image: A Prayer for Peace.
  • For this painting, Thom was inspired by the biblical illustrations of French artist Gustave DorĂ©, which were published in the 19th Century. He feels that the lone figure overlooking the city of Jerusalem can be interpreted to be Jesus, Abraham, or anyone who longs for peace to return to that troubled land.
Title A Prayer for Peace
Published September 2006
Subject Location Jerusalem, Israel
Collection Impressions of Israel Collection

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