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A Perfect Red Rose

“And I will make thee beds of roses” ~ Christopher Marlowe

The red rose is the flower of passion. It is the rich scarlet of our heart’s blood. A Perfect Red Rose is the emblem of the greatest love of all. As such, it also represents the human love that so enriches our livesĀ – of man for woman, of parent for child.

In one sense, I painted A Perfect Red Rose for my lovely wife Nanette; in another, I intend it as a gift for you as well. As I apply the uminous reds in rare pigments made from actual rose petals, I am expressing the deep regard I feel for the collectors who inspire me.

  • Thomas Kinkade has hidden five N’s throughout his rose garden painting A Perfect Red Rose, as an ongoing tribute to his loving wife Nanette.
  • A Perfect Red Rose is the second painting in Thom’s beautiful rose triptych entitled The Rose Collection.
  • As everyone knows red roses represent passion, and in A Perfect Red Rose, Thom paints red roses to represent love as well – of man for woman, or of parent for child.
  • The unique perspective of A Perfect Red Rose gives the viewer an intimate look at the brilliant red roses, each carefully created, right down to the last dew drop.
Title A Perfect Red Rose
Published July 2006
Collection The Rose Collection II

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