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A Peaceful Retreat

There is something supremely satisfying about a life that is self-contained, complete unto itself – Henry David Thoreau lived such a life on Walden Pond. I like to imagine living in just such splendid isolation and seclusion in a setting of my own choice – A Peaceful Retreat.

This simple cabin provides everything a person needs to sustain a rewarding life. The stream is pristine; I can drink its pure waters. It teems with fish; my boat lets me pursue the mountain trout when I choose. The woods abound with game. My cozy Adirondack chair invites me to relax and savor the refreshing mountain breeze. I’ve stacked firewood for the campfire that will warm the chilly evening air. Above all, I am surrounded by beauty that feeds my spirit with endless reminders of God’s grace.

Like you, I spend my time in a world more complex than the one I imagined in A Peaceful Retreat. And I would not trade the pleasures of family and the rewards of a demanding and satisfying career for the peaceful pleasures of this happy solitude. But it is good, sometimes, to retreat, at least in our imagination, to a quiet place, where one can refresh and restore the soul. In that spirit, I invite you to share with me the tranquil pleasures of this, A Peaceful Retreat.

  • In A Peaceful Retreat, Thomas Kinkade has hidden a total of fifteen N’s as an ongoing tribute to his wife of twenty years – Nanette.
  • A Peaceful Retreat marks the second release in the Beginning of a Perfect Evening Collection, a collection which commenced with Evening Majesty.
  • A Peaceful Retreat is the first painting to be offered in a monumental canvas size of 40″ x 60″.
  • Henry David Thoreau spent a few years living a self-sufficient, independent, and partially secluded life on Walden Pond. As a result, his most famous work Walden, detailed his satisfying experience living a life away from mainstream society. A Peaceful Retreat, an imaginary image, provides us with such an opportunity and invites us to retreat from our complex, hectic lives, and for a moment, withdraw to a quieter place to refresh and nourish our souls.
  • A Peaceful Retreat is filled with many detailed elements in both the foreground and background. Look closely and you will spot bears, deer, birds, a turtle, ducks, a squirrel, a teapot and a cup.
Title A Peaceful Retreat
Published November 2002
Collection Beginning of a Perfect Evening II

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