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Christmas Evening

Nature is the greatest artist of all. To prove that to yourself, simply visit a favorite place during an unfamiliar season. That’s what I’ve done with Christmas Evening. Here I return to the cottage that is the centerpiece of A Quiet Evening — the thatch-roofed hutch many collectors have told me is their favorite Kinkade home.

In the earlier work the cottage is framed by the brilliant blossoms of spring. Here, winter has painted the scene with its distinctive brush: snow crowns the bare trees and clings to the roof; a cheerful snowman greets visitors who walk the frozen pathway. I’ve set the scene at sunset so that the rich rose and salmon tones, filtered through a gentle mist, will warm the otherwise chilly setting with a radiant light.

It is the evening before Christmas day, and the joyous symbols of the season abound. The cozy cottage is festooned with Christmas lights; a wreath is hung on the door; a previously unseen gas lamp heralds visitors from across the icy stream.

The most poignant reminder of the season of family and joy is the cottage itself. The heartening light that pours from all its windows proclaims to one and all: herein abides love and human comfort. Like me perhaps you can imagine children gathered around the tree, singing Christmas carols while the family prepares to savor a lovingly prepared meal. Surely the Christmas spirit is alive within these stone walls, making a Christmas Evening the ultimate Kinkade holiday cottage; my affectionate tribute to the warmth and joy of the season.

  •  There are hidden N’s in Christmas Evening, Thom’s tribute to his wife Nanette.
  • Thom returns to the setting of A Quiet Evening in this peaceful scene, captured anew in winter white, as the rich colors of sunset paint the snow.
  • Light pours from the windows of this cozy, thatched cottage — a symbol Thom includes in many of his paintings that equates to the warmth and love of the human spirit. Imagine what might be going on inside — a family gathered around the Christmas tree, singing carols, sharing in Christmas joy!
  • The lights adorning the cottage are joined by the twinkling colors amidst the evergreen aside the house, and the cheerful snowman — all welcoming any visitors who might happen by on this Christmas Evening!
Title Christmas Evening
Published August 2005

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