We Serve People

We Serve
As it is greater to give than it is to receive, so is being a servant greater than being served. We approach the operations of our galleries with a servant attitude allowing us to realize the positive outcomes of greater teamwork, relationship building and increased effectiveness.

Our Ethics
Honesty, integrity and a strong commitment to high standards of moral, ethical and lawful conduct are among our proudest and most important traditions.  As we expand our activities, our common goal and continuing commitment must always be to maintain equally high standards wherever we are.

The Message
That peace and joy are attainable in this world. That the world of art can be an avenue to enrich, uplift and bring beauty to our lives and homes.

Build Collector Relationships
It is our job to establish long-lasting relationships with our collectors whereby they can rely on our knowledge of the art, and attitude of keeping their best interests at heart while serving them to the best of our ability.